OracleMZBA Landing Page Builder

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OracleMZBA Landing Page Builder

OracleMZBA Landing Page Builder (OracleMZBA LPB) is a page that is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is different from other pages on your website in that it follows both of these criteria: It has a form that allows you to capture a visitor's information in exchange for the desired offer. 

A good landing page builder software will help you create effectively, easy landing pages to increase your conversions. It allows you to choose from templates that have already been tested and are effective in converting visitors to a variety of types of landing pages.

How It Work

1- Select templates

Save time and choose from over 100 prebuilt sections that you can easily drag and drop onto any website or landing page.

2- Edit Landing Page

Just drag, drop, click, and type to customize your website, landing page, and opt-in forms. No coding or high-tech skills required.

3- Collect customers

Collect leads and orders with live submission. You can always easily download a . CSV file of your collected leads.

OracleMZBA LPB features

  • SEO-friendly pages Set your meta tags (title, description, and keywords).
  • Free hosting Securely host your landing pages on a free domain.
  • Multi-device You can easily optimize how your content displays on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Top speed Increase conversions with landing page load speeds and 99.9% uptime.
  • Great for lead generation Collect quality leads and easy with export CSV.
  • Sell your products Sell more – faster and easier. Implementing PayPal, Stripe... payments directly to your landing page.

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